OCaml's Platform Installer Alpha Release

by Christine Rose on Oct 18th, 2022

Yesterday we announced the OCaml 5 beta release, and today we're excited to introduce the OCaml Platform Installer! The OCaml Platform is the recommended toolchain when working with OCaml. This new installer enables programmers to quickly set up the OCaml developer environment, so they don't need to waste precious coding time with a lengthy installation process. If you come across any obstacles, the Platform team encourages you to open a GitHub Issue.

We've also updated the state of the Platform, making several important changes like promoting odoc and OCamlformat from Incubate to Active. We have notified the OCaml Community about the Platform Installer's alpha release, so you can read about all the new changes and the simple installation process on the OCaml Discuss post.

Stay tuned to our blog as well as our Twitter feed to get the latest updates on the OCaml 5 release!