OCaml 5 Beta Release

by Christine Rose on Oct 17th, 2022

Back in June, we announced the OCaml 5 alpha release, and today we're excited to announce the first beta release! Now is an excellent time to test it and report positive or negative feedback on your projects (i.e., did it work, did you see impressive performance speed up, did you have issues finding documentation, etc.)

This beta version stabilised several opam packages, fixed several small internal runtime processes (especially the systhreads library), and tweaked the Domain and Effect interface, just to name a few improvements. This version also enables you to update your libraries and software. See the post on the OCaml Discuss forum for installation instructions and more information. While you're there, join the growing and vibrant OCaml community!

The full OCaml release is expected by the end of the year. Just in time for Christmas! Perhaps more importantly, in time for the new Advent of Code calendar, so you can play around with OCaml 5 with Multicore support.