Building Functional Systems

Our solutions help developers build robust, secure, high-performance applications whilst maintaining crucial reliability.

We Provide

Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services

  • Custom development of software components and tailor-made tools

  • In-house consultancy services to increase the efficiency of your teams and promote best practices

  • Training, code review and advice on OCaml technologies

Open Source Innovation

Open Source Innovation

  • The full power of a successful open-source community

  • Academic, scientific, and industrial partnerships

  • Cutting edge research and development tested in production environments

Support and Infrastructure

Support and Infrastructure

  • Security audits for software components

  • Automated services to guarantee continuous quality and consistency

  • Long term support for OCaml open-source components

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Integrating cutting-edge computer science research with industry standards

We use our expertise to inform and impact industry practices, giving our commercial partners every possible advantage as we convert cutting-edge research to real-world deliverables. With our diverse portfolio and world class engineering teams, we bring measurable and meaningful results to any firm’s codebase. We can leverage our extensive background in distributed systems, programming languages, security, and operating systems, to help you build unique solutions tailored to your needs.

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Building trustworthy, well-specified and sustainable systems

These three tenets guide our approach to every project. Our code is reliable and predictable, offering robust security features whilst free from critical bugs. We design and build ready-to-use, secure-by-design applications for storage, communication, and security services. We use the scientific process to constantly evaluate our workflows and tooling, to ensure we provide high quality, durable results that remain up-to-date over time.

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Forming equitable, decentralised, open-source software communities

Our technology stack is fully open-source, and we are committed to the community that surrounds it. We work with people across the globe, united by a mutual passion for open-source software and functional programming. We pledge to sustain the communities they make up by maintaining crucial tools and resources, encouraging fair and open discussion, and investing in the future of the ecosystem. Collaborate with us and help develop innovative projects within a large ecosystem of academic and industrial partners.

Open Source Technologies

We collaborate with the open-source ecosystem through our libraries and tools, so we can help you with open-sourcing and maintaining your applications.

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MirageOS is an OCaml library operating system that constructs unikernels for secure, high-performance network applications across a variety of cloud and edge computing.

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Irmin is an OCaml library for building mergeable, branchable distributed data stores, with built-in snapshotting and support for a wide variety of storage backends.

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As active users of OCaml, we maintain a large set of core tools and libraries and can offer long-term support on these. With our experience, we can also help you with open-sourcing and maintaining your projects.

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