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Secure-by-design applications

Build ready to use, secure-by-design applications for storage, communication and security services. Deploy on virtual infrastructure or embedded devices.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

With our experience in distributed systems, programming languages, security and operating systems, we can help you to quickly build a solution tailored to your needs.

open-source & innovation

Open-source & Innovation

Our technology stack is fully open-source. Collaborate and develop innovative projects with us within a large ecosystem of academic and industrial partners.

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Secure-by-design applications

Tarides offers long-term support of ready-to-use open-source appliances.

  • Secure communication servers (email, matrix, etc).
  • VPNs and Firewalls
  • Software-defined storage (Git, p2p)
  • Secure web hosting
→ See the QubeOS firewall use case
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Custom solutions

With our experience in distributed systems, security and operating systems, we are building a system programming toolbox that can help deliver complex virtualisation, networking and storage solutions very quickly.

  • Turn Internet RFCs into re-usable libraries
  • Compatible with all the major virtualisation platforms
  • Can target embedded hardware (ESP32, ARMv8, RISC-V)
→ See the Docker use case

Open Source Technologies

We collaborate with the open-source ecosystem through our libraries and tools and can help you in open-sourcing and maintaining your applications.

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MirageOS is an OCaml library operating system that constructs unikernels for secure, high-performance network applications across a variety of cloud computing and mobile platforms.

→ Discover MirageOS

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Irmin is an OCaml library for building mergeable, branchable distributed data stores, with built-in snapshotting and support for a wide variety of storage backends.

→ Discover Irmin

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As active users of OCaml, we maintain a large set of core tools and libraries and can offer long-term support on these. With our experience, we can also help you with open-sourcing and maintaining your projects.

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