How to Install OCaml 5: A Video Tutorial

by Isabella Leandersson on Nov 21st, 2023

Have you had difficulty installing OCaml for your projects? We have created a video tutorial showing you how to use Opam to install OCaml on Linux and macOS.

All you need to complete the tutorial is a computer running either Linux or macOS, and an internet connection. By the end of the tutorial you will have OCaml 5 installed on your machine, and can start your journey with OCaml. For ideas of what to do next, check out the tutorials on

OCaml Tutorial – Downloading and Installing OCaml on Linux and macOS

Our goal is to promote and encourage wider adoption of OCaml, and to that end we support the OCaml Platform. The Platform gives users an overview of the active tools available in OCaml, streamlining their experience in setting up an OCaml toolsuite. The video uses the recommended toolchain outlined in the OCaml Platform.

As a part of encouraging the adoption of OCaml, we are committed to simplifying the process of learning the language. We recognise that everyone learns differently. Some people prefer to read tutorials and do exercises, and others use videos to understand concepts visually. Since most of us combine different ways of learning to fit our needs, it’s important for us to provide a visual alternative to the installation instructions.

There are several great content creators making videos about OCaml, including streamers that let you follow along as they are hacking. We are excited to see the community growing in this way, and welcome this contribution to the OCaml ecosystem. If you would like to engage more with the OCaml community check out OCaml Discuss.

Depending on whether users find this kind of content helpful, we will continue to create more tutorials. So let us know what we can improve and if there are topics you would like us to cover next! You can comment directly on the video, or chat with us on X (formerly known as Twitter) or LinkedIN.