Prioritising Mental Health at Tarides

by Christine Rose on Oct 10th, 2023

In a world that never stops, it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life, often overlooking the importance of maintaining our mental well-being, one of the most vital aspects of our existence. Especially on World Mental Health Day, observed every October 10th, it's crucial to reflect on the significance of mental health both in our personal lives and within the workplace. At Tarides, we understand that true success goes beyond profits and productivity; it's about the well-being of our employees and contractors.

The Significance of Mental Health at Tarides

In today's society, mental health is often overlooked, minimised, or stigmatised. Despite its undeniable impact on our daily lives, mental health continues to be a topic shrouded in silence. The consequences of neglecting mental health can be severe, affecting not only individuals but entire organisations. Stress, anxiety, and burnout can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and a negative work environment.

At Tarides, we strive to be responsible employers, and we recognise the importance of the mental well-being of our staff. By openly addressing mental health, we aim to create a safe workplace that values holistic health, fosters employee well-being, and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Cultivating Mental Wellness in the Workplace

We take significant steps to prioritise mental health within our organisation, not just on Mental Health Day but all year long.

Flexible Hours & Extended Paid Leave

At Tarides, we embrace the spirit of flexibility and support in our work culture. Our staff have a choice to work remotely or in the office, and they are able to adjust their schedule to allow for daily life, such as appointments and childcare arrangements. We also offer a competitive holiday allowance as standard and an additional two weeks paid holiday for all employees in August. This is not only extra paid time off, but our entire organisation also takes a well-deserved breather for these two weeks. No emails, no deadlines, no worries about missing out or coming back to a mountain of work. It's a time to truly disconnect and recharge, stress-free.

Comprehensive Health Insurance & Sports Classes

We provide a health insurance policy, with all costs covered by Tarides, for employees and their families. This includes 24/7 advice from experts and access to a range of sports classes and wellness experiences. Health-related anxiety and stress will be common to everyone at some stage of life, and we aim to provide additional support when our employees need it.

Regular Check-In Meetings

All of our staff have regular 1:1 meetings with their Team Lead, as well as regular check-in meetings with their HR representative. Often, there may not be a specific agenda for these meetings, but they provide a recurring opportunity for people to freely share and address concerns related to mental health or other challenges they may be facing. Our intention is to create a safe and supportive space, as well as to reduce barriers for such conversations.

Expert Training & Events

We have partnered with, "a global solution for mental health prevention in the workplace," to provide valuable resources and support for our employees and contractors.

The Art of Disconnecting

On October 19th, Tarides will host "The Art of Disconnecting," a one-hour relaxation exercise session. In a world where constant connectivity has become the norm, this session is a much-needed opportunity to step away from the stressors of daily life. Attendees will learn techniques to unplug, recharge, and find balance in a fast-paced world.

This event emphasises the importance of taking time for oneself, disconnecting from digital distractions, and prioritising mental well-being. It's a chance for Tarides' employees to discover the value of self-care and relaxation in maintaining their mental health.

Establishing Psychological Safety in Your Team

On October 20th, Tarides will host a one-hour talk titled "Towards a Culture of Trust: Establishing Psychological Safety in Your Team." This session is designed to empower attendees by highlighting the following key points:

  • Realising that psychological safety can be practised and activated by everyone in the company
  • Becoming aware of the positive impact the development of psychological safety has on cooperation and innovation
  • Exploring the right to make mistakes as a stepping stone to growth and improvement

By fostering a culture of trust within teams, this event aims to enhance cooperation, innovation, and personal growth among employees. At Tarides, we understand that when people feel safe and supported, they are more likely to thrive both personally and professionally.


Mental Health Day serves as an important reminder that mental health is an integral part of our lives and workplaces. We are committed to prioritising the mental well-being of our staff and to creating a healthy and productive work environment.

Through initiatives that promote a positive work-life balance, like providing regular check-in meetings and offering expert training and events internally, we actively create a culture that values mental health, encourages self-care, and fosters a sense of trust and support among our staff. A mentally healthy workforce is a more engaged, innovative, and resilient one.

As we celebrate Mental Health Day, let us all take a moment to reflect on the importance of mental health in our lives and within our workplaces. Tarides is leading the way in recognising that investing in mental health is not just the right thing to do; it's a smart business decision that benefits everyone involved.

Together, we can create a world where mental health is no longer overlooked or minimised.

Together, we can ensure it's acknowledged and supported.

Together, we can encourage all companies to prioritise the holistic well-being of their staff.