Tarides Goes on Holiday!

by Isabella Leandersson on Aug 26th, 2022

Relaxing in today’s world can be difficult. Taking the time you need to cool off, refocus, and explore something new requires a solid amount of time in which you can disconnect from daily habits and find a new beat.

At Tarides we address this by providing the framework needed for our employees to take that unbroken time away from work. In August, all Tarides employees get two weeks of paid leave to go away and come back refreshed.

How it Began

We first trialled the two weeks of leave in 2021 to help alleviate the stress caused by the pandemic. Taking a solid two weeks off would allow everyone to slow down and enjoy the last of the summer months (or winter for our Australian colleagues!) without having to worry about losing pay or using up annual leave in the face of an uncertain global situation.

The results were very positive, with a lot of good feedback across the teams. People came back refreshed and inspired, easily making up for the time away. An important takeaway from the Tarides team was that since everyone was away at the same time, no one had to worry about having a pile of work waiting for them when they came back. This made everyone’s holiday more enjoyable and restful.

It’s Back!

Since it was a very popular measure last year, we decided to reintroduce it as a recurring event! From August 8th to August 19th, Tarides had its official 2022 office closure. We hope the entire Tarides team took some time to go on adventures or simply relax before the rest of the year.

Taking time off does not just allow everyone to recharge their batteries, but it also lets them experience new things that can generate moments of inspiration. That said, rest is also very powerful: when we rest, we prepare for the challenges ahead, increase our resilience, and strengthen our resolve.

Here’s to a great rest of 2022!