Tarides Partners with 50inTech!

by Héloïse Berra Lutton and Isabella Leandersson on Apr 19th, 2022


Tarides is proud to have been recognised by 50inTech and featured on their website! 50inTech’s mission is to achieve a 50% representation of women in tech by 2050.

To this end, 50inTech runs several amazing initiatives that generate opportunities for women looking to have successful careers in tech. Their job board matches talented women with inclusive companies that are hiring, the 50inTech Gender Score helps European companies measure their level of gender-inclusion, and their free virtual bootcamps provide their network of 15,000 women in Europe with crucial networking and mentoring opportunities.


Tarides has been selected as an “inclusive company,” based on metrics including work-life balance, equal pay, fair career path, and diversity and inclusion policies. We are incredibly proud to be recognised in this way, and we will continue to invest in programs and initiatives to further increase diversity and inclusion.

Our partnership with 50inTech connects us with a highly-skilled, diverse set of people, and we hope that this collaboration will help us achieve our target of filling 50% of Tarides’s tech roles with women. Currently that number is 20%, and we’d like to increase it!

Read more about our diversity and inclusion goals, and see our open positions on 50inTech’s website.

Previous Efforts

As Tarides has grown, we have made continuous efforts towards making OCaml and our place within its community more inclusive and diverse. As our CEO Gemma Gordon says, “Different opinions, experiences, backgrounds, and strategies are essential for innovation and vital to the success of Tarides.”

In this vein, we have supported initiatives such as: Outreachy, where we sponsor three paid remote internships per quarter for people experiencing systemic bias and underrepresentation in the tech industry; Ada Tech School, which is a programming school that facilitates greater access to programming positions and promotes the feminisation of tech; and SheCanCode, whose mission is to close the tech gender gap. All of these enterprises help women enter, remain, and excel in the tech industry.

Tarides remains committed to inclusivity and continuously looks for ways to reach out to new groups, gain new perspectives, and diversify our workforce. Read more about our mission to support women in tech on 50inTech’s website.