'Signals and Threads' Podcast: What is an Operating System?

by Christine Rose on Nov 23rd, 2021

November has become MirageOS month! Between the upcoming official MirageOS 4.0 release, making custom Christmas Tree garlands with MirageOS on a Raspberry Pi, and now this "What is an Operating System?" podcast (featuring Tarides advisor and core MirageOS maintainer Anil Madhavapeddy), it truly is MirageOS month!

MirageOS can do much more than program a Raspberry Pi for Christmas decor. From agricultural monitoring to smart buildings, its applications cover a wide range of needs. For example, it can also be used in critical pieces of infrastructure where security is of paramount importance, such as the Tezos blockchain. Combined with Irmin, it allows developers to build secure-by-design, offline-first systems and invert the current cloud-centric model for designing applications to securely connect physical spaces with extremely low latency and high bandwidth, using local-area computation capabilities.

You can read the entire transcript here and find links to multiple places to listen through podcast apps.