MirageOS Workshop: Working with the Raspberry Pi 4

by Christine Rose on Nov 11th, 2021

Earlier this week, Romain Calascibetta hosted an in-house MirageOS workshop for employees, both locally and remotely around the world. This interactive workshop taught participants how to build an operating system on a Raspberry Pi 4 using MirageOS. They got to create their own OS and play with projects, like one they dubbed GuirlandeOS for which they programmed an LED garland to trim their Christmas tree, creating their own customized light show! There will be a dedicated blog to GuirlandeOS soon.

That’s one fun example of what can be done with MirageOS and Raspberry Pi, but the possibilities are endless. For example, one could use this dynamic pair to create solar-powered websites (something we’ll hear more about next week).

The spirit of MirageOS is that anyone can integrate it, even if they don't work at Tarides. Although the workshop was only for employees, MirageOS is for everyone! Since it's autonomous from Tarides, we encourage you to play with MirageOS and see what you can create.

Romain has opened the contents of his informative workshop to the world! Follow along with his slides, which will walk you through the MirageOS toolchain to create your very own projects. You can read more about the Raspberry Pi process in this repo.

Early next week, we’ll continue with MirageOS month by showcasing a podcast where Anil Madhavapeddy talks about those solar-powered websites and more!

Happy hacking!