MirageOS 4.0 Preview Live Presentation

by Christine Rose on Nov 9th, 2021

The official release of MirageOS 4.0 quickly approaches! Learn about some general MirageOS concepts and get a sneak park at the forthcoming changes in MirageOS 4.0 during a LIVE presentation today at 15h CET.

Lucas Pluvinage will lead you through a live-streaming presentation to acquaint you with MirageOS 4.0. You’ll learn what kinds of problems MirageOS can solve and about Functoria, the compilation model. Then Lucas will also discuss the switch to the Dune build system and how that enables cross-compilation, not to mention the creation of new compilation targets, such as the Raspberry Pi!

Watch the live presentation today at 15h CET. Just go to: https://meet.google.com/iqy-urht-rcn, or dial ‪(FR) +33 1 87 40 43 45‬ with the PIN: ‪288 878 885‬#. You can also find other phone numbers here: https://tel.meet/iqy-urht-rcn?pin=3736259978366 if you're not in France.

This presentation will be a great introduction to Romain Calascibetta's forthcoming MirageOS workshop tomorrow. Check back on this blog and follow us on Twitter to find out more about how to watch and participate in this informative workshop tomorrow!

Until then, check out Lucas' presentation today at 15h CET.