Tarides Returns to FIC 2021

by Christine Rose on Sep 6th, 2021

Last year, Tarides had the honour of winning the “Coup de Coeur” Startup Award at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC). It’s the leading cybersecurity event in the EU. It’s both a forum, to present and discuss innovations and reflect on the state of the European cybersecurity ecosystem, and a trade fair, where cybersecurity and other tech professionals can meet and network.

This year, Tarides returns to FIC with their own booth! Our representatives, including founder and CEO of Tarides, Thomas Gazagnaire, look forward to making new connections, looking for collaborators, and catching up with colleagues.

The FIC theme for 2021 centres on encouraging “a collective and collaborative cybersecurity.” From the FIC Website:

”Collective, because each stakeholder is responsible not only for its own security but also for the security of every other stakeholder, and therefore of the whole. Collaborative, because cooperation and information sharing are essential to compensate the asymmetry between the «attacker» and the «defender»…FIC 2021 will focus on the major operational, industrial, technological, and strategic challenges of cooperation”

Solutions for most cybersecurity issues already exist, and we at Tarides are happy to consult on our many solutions that can make your systems more secure. From secure emails to runtime protection to secure IoT protocols, our representatives can help!

So stop by the Tarides booth at FIC to chat about your options. We’ll have snacks and other goodies, too!