Tarides at WomenHack Virtual Event

by Christine Rose on Jul 20th, 2021

Tarides takes great pride in a diverse workforce and strives to continue bringing talented people to its team from around the globe. This is why Sonja Heinze, a Tarides software engineer, and the Head of HR, Héloïse Lutton, will attend WomenHack, an online event dedicated to recruiting more women into the tech world. They're participating not only to present Tarides to the Women In Tech community, but to also network and possibly find new talented programmers to join our growing team.

The WomenHack event has a unique setup similar to 'speed dating,' but for prospective jobs. Each candidate is paired with a company, and they have 5 minutes to chat before moving on to the next company. This "rapid interview" is both fun and efficient for all involved, and it ensures each company will meet several talented candidates from diverse backgrounds, which increases their chance of finding that perfect fit for an open position!

From their website:

WomenHack is a community that empowers women in tech through events, jobs, and reviews. We aim to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace for all. Our diversity recruiting events target some of the most talented women in tech which include software developers, designers, and product talent. 

Join us tomorrow, July 21st, at WomenHack! You can get your ticket here.