Tarides Introduces OSMOSE at the Open-Source Innovation Sprint

by Christine Rose on Jun 29th, 2021

Tarides is excited to announce that our CEO, Dr. Thomas Gazagnaire, and Prof. Anil Madhavapeddy, from the University of Cambridge, will present their innovative platform OSMOSE at the Open Source Innovation Sprint (OSIS) conference on 1 July 2021. This event is organized by Systematic.

OSMOSE is a software platform made to manage digital infrastructure at scale, securely and efficiently. It uses the groundbreaking creation of unikernels to radically simplify the way applications are built and deployed for the cloud.

Since digital transformation has become more and more dependent on cloud computing, it has increasing problems with high response latency, security risks, and resource inefficiencies—all which make these services ultimately unreliable. The demand for interconnected devices is ever increasing, but the security of these devices remain unchecked, making them susceptible to security vulnerabilities. This leaves consumers and businesses open to exploitation, as demonstrated in reports of tech devices violating users’ privacy, like sending audio recordings without their knowledge or consent.

Tarides addresses these issues with OSMOSE, a platform which combines hardware and software elements to invert the current cloud-centric model. OSMOSE securely connects with physical spaces to provide extremely low latency and high-bandwidth, local-area computation capabilities, which can turn a fleet of IoT devices into a local data-centre.

This innovative platform enables computer resources to be tracked efficiently and temporarily rented to users. This turns any IoT deployment into a local, private cloud, allowing a better utilization of local resources and improved security.

Major components of OSMOSE already have commercial applications. It’s been used to make existing cloud deployments more secure and efficient by companies such as Amazon, Citrix, and Docker.

Tarides applies a high-touch, mixed business strategy—using consultancy services to field test open source components under development. Tarides applies their research to real-world systems to build unikernels, a secure-by-design and resource-efficient application specialised to their run-time environments. If interested in using OSMOSE as a solution for your business, please reach out to Tarides for more information.

Register for OSIS to attend the OSMOSE presentation on 1 July 2021.