Partnering for more diversity in Tech

by Céline Laplassotte on Feb 15th, 2021

Tarides is very glad to announce our partnership with Ada Tech School.

Founded in 2019 and based in Paris (France), Ada Tech School, named for pioneer computer scientist Ada Lovelace, is a programming school designed for women but open to all. The program is driven by three values: feminism, empathy and singularity. Its mission is to facilitate access to programming positions and promote the feminization of tech, by creating training that tackles the gender and cultural biases of IT.

Unfortunately, the diversity of the candidate pool is very limited when a company tries to fill positions. Barely 10% of computer science students in France are girls. Ada Tech School is an excellent initiative to democratize software education amongst women. The school was created so that women can land a job easily in the IT industry through rigorous training, and then offer ongoing coaching and support to ascend the professional ladder within tech companies.

At Tarides, we believe that a healthy team is a diverse one; and that trust, fairness and inclusion are values needed to build a strong company.

We are committed to doing better, not only by hiring a diverse team and providing a welcoming work environment, but also by putting people first at every stage. This means providing fair and equitable compensation as well as meaningful career advancement opportunities for every employee.

We believe that a great technology always derives from great people, regardless of their background. Head here to see our currently-open positions.