Tarides sponsors the Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference 2020

by Céline Laplassotte on Dec 14th, 2020

The Oxbridge Women in Computer Science conference is an annual one-day event hosted by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (UK). The conference is free and open to everyone from any discipline, regardless of gender identity. Its purpose is to spotlight the successes of women within computer science and strengthen the network of women in computer science within a supportive and friendly environment.

This year, the conference was organised by the University of Cambridge and was held virtually on December 7th.

Tarides is very glad to sponsor this event as we strongly believe that diversity and inclusive culture is a key factor in building a competitive and innovative company. Our employees come from 8 different countries and are 1⁄3 women. Tarides promotes transparency, openness and autonomy, creating a work atmosphere auspicious for employees to strive in their work, to solve novel, impactful and technical challenges. By working on open-source projects, a collaboration is possible with worldwide experts from both academia and industry, encouraging continuous training and education; in this context, it is very important to have teams with diverse backgrounds and experience.

The underrepresentation of women in tech, and particularly in computer science, is not a new problem and gender equality remains a major issue in the corporate world. By celebrating female computer scientists, as during the Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference, it will hopefully encourage more women to pursue their interests and careers in the tech field. Head here to see our currently-open positions.

For the event, we made a short video to experience a day in the life of a software engineer: