The future of Tezos on MirageOS

by Céline Laplassotte on Apr 20th, 2020

We are very glad to announce that Tarides has been awarded two new grants from the Tezos Foundation.

Thanks to these new grants, Tarides will continue to work on the integration between Tezos and MirageOS. We believe that the secure deployment of blockchains is still a major challenge today, and that deploying Tezos as a unikernel will have a big impact in term of safety and security. It will be a key differentiator that will separate Tezos from other blockchains.

The Tezos codebase is written in OCaml and is currently using more than 100 external packages, among which one third comes from the MirageOS project. However, it still heavily depends on non-compatible Unix libraries. Making the Tezos codebase fully compatible with MirageOS will help Tezos with: distribution and packaging, portability, secure deployment and operational safety.

We’ll regularly publish development progress updates, so stay tuned!