MirageOS talk at the Paris Open Source Summit

by Céline Laplassotte on Dec 4th, 2019

We are thrilled to have been selected by the Paris Open Source Summit committee to talk about “Secure-by-design IoT applications using MirageOS”.

The Paris Open Source Summit is an annual event where you can connect to open-source communities and learn from tech leaders, project committers and CTOs about the latest technical solutions, innovative uses and societal challenges of open digital technology.

Thomas Gazagnaire, Tarides CEO/CTO, will explain what makes MirageOS a good framework to build IoT applications and how we can use embedded devices running on ARMv8, ESP32 or RISC-V to run secure and end-to-end open-source infrastructure services such as VPN proxies and email servers. He will also highlight how this infrastructure will be used to form the basis of OSMOSE: a secure, distributed and privacy-preserving platform to write user-centric IoT applications.

MirageOS is a library operating system (using the MIT license) which enables the construction of unikernels: specialized services where the runtime binary contains only the necessary code for execution and no more. Unikernels have a drastically smaller attack surface than service deployments in traditional operating systems and could lead to 1000x less code for the full application stack. Moreover, as MirageOS is written in a memory safe language (OCaml), a full class of bugs related to memory corruption – representing 70% of the released CVEs in classic operating systems written in C – can no longer appear. These two properties combined (and more!) allow MirageOS to build “secure-by-design” applications where everything – from the high-level business logic to the low-level device drivers – has been designed to be as secure as possible.

To learn more about the project, attend the Paris Open Source Summit! The talk will take place during the 'Embedded & IOT' section at 14:50 – 15:20 on December 10th, 2019.

Thomas at the Paris Open Source Summit