Team Lead

Your Mission

We are looking for a Team Lead to manage and lead a technical team of 5-7 engineers, working towards the completion of several company objectives. The Team Lead reports to an Engineering Manager (EM). They plan and manage their team’s project(s) together with the support of the Engineer and Project Manager. The Team Leads supervise, care for and motivate their team members and deliver the team’s projects on time. They are responsible for the quality of the work their team does, and the deadlines within which they deliver their progress.Team Leads work with the Engineering Managers and project maintainers to define project goals, establish quarterly planning and individual prioritisation of work, request and allocate the resources needed, and distribute defined tasks amongst team members. They organise and report their team’s progress via the OKR process.

As a Team Lead of the Build System team, you will not only act as a manager for your team, but also as a technical lead for the projects. This includes working with stakeholders to write RFCs and roadmaps, help maintain high-quality standards for the work, mentoring junior developers, and defining and advocating for a technical vision for the projects.

The Build System team is responsible for the development of the Dune build system and the opam package manager. They work towards creating a great developer experience for OCaml developers. Examples of projects we have led in the past include:

  • Adding an RPC system in Dune and its integration into OCaml LSP to power OCaml editors

  • Adding native cram test support in Dune

Projects we are currently working on, or are on our roadmap include:

  • Integrating package management functionalities into Dune

  • Releasing opam 2.2 with native support for Windows

  • Developping a plugin system in Dune

Everything we do is open-source, and our internal roadmap closely follows the public OCaml Platform roadmap.

Your Key Responsibilities

Own the overall stakeholder(s) relationships

  • Be the single point of contact between project stakeholders and Tarides.

  • Maintain a high-level vision of stakeholder requests, planning, and priorities. 

  • Collaborate with other teams inside Tarides (for example: communications, marketing, leadership and HR).

Plan and manage of the team’s project(s)

  • Work with project stakeholders and project maintainers to establish my teams, roadmap, quarterly goals and define appropriate project milestones and work items.

  • Report project updates and blockers to an Engineering Manager. 

  • Prepare a contextualised weekly progress report for the team.

Providing leadership for team members

  • Work prioritisation

    • Prioritise work according to higher-level company objectives and stakeholder requirements, and provide direction for team members based on this prioritisation.

  • Team meetings and teamwork

    • Organise and lead regular team meetings and internal knowledge sharing within the team (onboarding, mentoring, peer-programming sessions, etc.).

  • Team members’ career development

    • Organise and lead regular 1:1 meetings with team members (weekly). 

  • Set goals and associated priorities, and give feedback to team members.

  • Participate in the recruitment process for your team.

Providing technical work to support the team (when necessary)

  • Actively develop and maintain complex software projects with a large community/user-base and can divide ambiguous tasks into smaller unambiguous tasks and/or work.

  • Plan and drive new software projects and manage important ambiguity and uncertainty levels regarding inputs and outputs.

Your profile

(You don't have to fill 100% of the qualifications to apply.)

  • MsC in computer science or any equivalent including experience. 

  • Demonstrable technical experience, ideally with developer tooling and open-source.

  • Proven experience managing, leading, and supporting a team of 4+ team members.

  • Excellent communication skills in English.

  • Experience communicating with a technical audience and managing relationships with project stakeholders.

  • Curious and solution-oriented mindset.

  • Experience of working within multidisciplinary, remote and cross-cultural teams.

Why us?

We offer: 
  • An opportunity to change the industry to use safer, more reliable, and more performant tools

  • All the work we do is open source and work with a community of contributors outside of Tarides

  • Work with a team of exceptional individuals on highly technical projects

  • Nice offices in the centre of Paris, Cambridge and Chennai 

  • Flexibility to work remotely 

  • International team with 19 different nationalities 

  • Amazing health insurance, fully covered by Tarides for you and your family 

  • Two weeks off in addition to the legal  

  • Bonus scheme based on profit sharing

  • Wellness memberships and activities 

  • Continuous training programs (language, feedback, time management, remote work...) 

  • Regular events with the whole team (monthly All-Hands meeting, monthly team-building event, yearly offsite ...) 

Our recruiting process' steps

If shortlisted, you will have three online interviews starting with a general interview, followed by a technical interview, and finally an interview with the team. 

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. We strive to create a representative, inclusive and friendly team, because we know that different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds make for a better workplace