Senior Software Engineer - Benchmark tooling


Tarides is an international software company with offices in Cambridge (UK), Paris (France) and Chennai (India), founded in 2018 by pioneers of systems and functional programming. We have a worldwide presence with collaborators working remotely from the US, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and across Europe. We have a solid academic background with connections to the University of Cambridge, Inria, and IIT Madras. Our diverse team of 60+ people performs groundbreaking innovation, feature development, and crucial maintenance of OCaml-based projects.

Some of those projects include the OCaml Platform, a series of crucial tools for OCaml at an industrial scale; MirageOS, an operating system that constructs unikernels for secure, high-performance applications; Irmin, a library for building mergeable, branchable distributed data stores, and the highly complex and award-winning Multicore project which will become part of the mainline OCaml compiler.

Tarides was previously part of the Founder program of Station F in 2018, and was selected for the “Concours d’Innovation i-Lab” organised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in partnership with Bpifrance. Tarides was also recognised during the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) 2020 fair, the leading European event on cybersecurity. These awards acknowledge the high quality of the solutions developed by Tarides, and emphasise the interest they have gained from the cybersecurity community.

In 2022, OCaml Labs (a spinout from the University of Cambridge) and Segfault Systems (a spinout from IIT-Madras) both joined Tarides, aligning towards our mission: empowering developers, communities and organisations to adopt OCaml as their primary programming experience by providing training, expertise and development services.


Tarides takes part in developing a software ecosystem composed of dozens of projects, all free and open-source software. Our benchmark tooling team currently provides continuous benchmarking support for the OCaml compiler, Merlin, Irmin (used in Tezos) and dune (OCaml build system).

We are looking for skilled engineers to help us scale our continuous benchmarking tool suite and to increase adoption of continuous benchmarking across more of our projects. This role includes developing and maintaining continuous benchmarking infrastructure on various highly scalable servers (x86-64, Arm64, PPC, RISC-V) and the front-end for analysing the benchmark results. The role also includes working with users at Tarides and the wider community to design and develop new features, as well as participation in backend development and maintenance required to keep the continuous benchmarking infrastructure operational.

This role provides opportunities for ownership of your own work, as well as involvement in key decisions and strategy for the project. Your work will impact a wide range of our core projects and will be integral to our open source development. You will also closely work with the Multicore OCaml development team, and work on infrastructure projects that help them benchmark their code.


  • Help to scale and maintain our continuous benchmarking infrastructure to support the OCaml compiler developers

  • Expand our graphs and the benchmarks dashboard to support more detailed analysis of results and a wider range of benchmarks

  • Provide technical support for other projects using our benchmarking tools.

  • Promote wider adoption of continuous benchmarking across projects by ensuring accessible tooling

  • Ensure documentation is up to date in collaboration with tool maintainers and our team of technical writers

Qualifications & Experience

(You don’t have to fill 100% of the qualifications to apply.)

  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration/Continuous Benchmarking pipelines and relevant tools

  • Some level of experience with the OCaml language, or any other functional programming language

  • Experience with Linux systems administration

  • Knowledge of any scripting language (Bash, Python)

  • Practical experience in infrastructure deployment, management and monitoring tools (Docker, Prometheus)

  • Experience with configuring and maintaining backend services (such as application servers, databases and web servers)

  • Working knowledge of relational databases, and NoSQL databases

  • Familiarity with analysing benchmarks and application performance

  • Good communication skills in English (English is the corporate language)

  • Curious and solution-oriented mindset

  • Experience of working within multidisciplinary teams


  • UK, France, or remote.

What we offer

    • An opportunity to have an impact in a growing company and change the industry to use safer and better tools.
    • Nice offices in Paris and Cambridge.
    • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely.
    • Competitive perks.
    • Very good health insurance for you and your familly, fully covered by Tarides.
    • Supportive team environment with experienced Technical and Team Leads.
    • The latest computer equipment of your choosing. 


If shortlisted, you will have three online interviews starting with a general interview, followed by a technical interview, and finally an interview with the team.

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. We strive to create a representative, inclusive and friendly team because we know that different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds make for a better workplace.