Low-power networking on MirageOS

Mentors: Magnus Skjegstad, Lucas Pluvinage

Location: Tarides office, Paris

MirageOS is an ecosystem of libraries and tools to build specialized applications, known as unikernels. Running on virtualized environments and bare-metal devices, the main way of communication is by using a network stack. For usual applications, mirage-tcpip is the way to go, but protocols are missing for power-constrained devices.

This internship aims at developing a low-power IPv6 stack for MirageOS to run on the nRF52840-MDK board through its Bluetooth networking features. This implies experimenting and building the whole stack bottom-up, leveraging the existing MirageOS stack and RIOT-OS APIs:

Preliminary work includes developing a standard IPv6 stack for the nRF52840-MDK board based on RIOT's Ethernet-over-serial driver and mirage-tcpip.


  • MirageOS
  • Networking stacks
  • Constrained devices
  • Low-power networking
  • Routing protocols
For more information and to apply, please email magnus@tarides.com.